About us

Meet the founders of GetUpp


Maybe you’ve already heard a little bit about GetUpp? If not, you can find out more about who we are on this site.

The story behind GetUpp

GetUpp is built on years of experience in occupational health, pain prevention, well-being, and focuses on workplace habits and routines.

Through OfficeFit, we have had direct contact with people who experience physical and mental challenges in everyday life in the form of pain and aches in the body, lack of energy, and guilt.

Based on these experiences, we have put together the Getupp concept focusing on:

  • Reducing sedentary behavior
  • Preventing lifestyle diseases
  • Optimising occupational health, well-being, and community in the workplace
  • Sharing and disseminating new and important knowledge within the focus areas
  • Ensuring value for you, your business, and society

Our Vision

GetUpp has a clear vision of creating a framework for healthy work environments with a focus on variety and movement, in order to tackle the issue of sedentary behavior. This gives us the chance to prevent up to 35 different lifestyle diseases that can be related to sitting too much.

We are committed to improving the physical and mental work environment and we want to change the way we view the workplace today. However, changing workplace culture does not happen overnight. It takes time and requires the right tools – ones that ultimately ensure that you, we, and the rest of society thrive when we work.

In short, we want people to use their height-adjustable desks to get the tangible benefits of getting up from their office chairs – benefits like more energy and less muscle and joint pain.

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