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To downloadour app, click on either the App Store or Google Play below.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to go through the following steps to get started on your 30-day free trial:

  1. Create a new user
  2. The app asks if you have a license key. At this step, simply click skip
  3. Enter your user details and press next
  4. Enter the desired password and press next
  5. Click “I accept”
  6. Click on the menu at the top left
  7. Click on “GetUpp Play”
  8. Select enter “monthly” or “yearly” and click “upgrade now”
  9. Confirm registration – the first 30 days will be free


A personal dashboard

GetUpp gives you an overview of your activity levels, allowing you to reduce your sedentary time, and track calories, distance and steps.

Active vs. sitting

This feature is designed to show the impact of even the smallest change. Set a goal and get an overview of your active and sedentary time.

Health data

GetUpp allows you to collect data from other physical devices, aiming to give you an overview of your total sedentary time.


You can participate and challenge your friends and colleagues in a variety of activities, including walking, standing, cycling and stepping distances, as well as calorie burn, steps and more.

Event calender

This feature will continuously create new, exciting and fun events and challenges.

Connecting to physical equipment

The app allows you to connect Bluetooth to your physical equipment to bring even more movement and variety to your workday.