GetUpp Assist

The device that helps you with more variety and movement

How to remember to stand up

The brand-new GetUpp Assist device helps you to stand up several times a day when you’re at work. It’s a discreet little friend that sits on the side of your desk and tells you when it’s time to stand up during the day.

GetUpp Assist reminds you to use your height-adjustable desk at intervals that you define, and it even helps you set your desk to the correct ergonomic heights for sitting and standing. In this way, you can vary your working postures and become more active during your workday.

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GetUpp Assist can help you:

  • Vary your postures at the right times during the day

  • Set your height-adjustable desk to the correct ergonomic sitting and standing height

  • Get an overview of your sedentary time at work

  • Automatically pair your device via Bluetooth when you arrive at work

  • Set personal goals and challenge colleagues at work

The colours in GetUpp Assist:

Automatic Bluetooth connection

GetUpp Assist automatically connects via Bluetooth to your phone when you first set it up. It will switch between lighting blue and red when searching for a connection. Once connected, it will light green and give off a small vibration.

Then it will transfer all your activity data to your phone, where you can get an overview in the GetUpp app.

Built-in sensor

GetUpp Assist’s built-in sensor detects every time you approach or leave your desk.

Achieve the correct ergonomic heights for sitting and standing

GetUpp Assist can help you set your desk to the correct ergonomic heights for sitting and standing. The first time you set up GetUpp Assist, you will be guided through 5 simple steps including finding your correct heights for sitting and standing.

Next, GetUpp Assist will turn green when you are at the correct height for sitting or standing.


As you move your height-adjustable table between sitting and standing height, the LED indicator will turn yellow.

Sitting cycle

The built-in LED indicator will turn red when you are in a sitting cycle. One by one, each of the 4 LED markers will turn red and once all four have turned red, it’s time for you to stand up. Simultaneous, it will give off a small vibration.

Completed sitting cycle

You have the option to snooze GetUpp Assist up to 3 times. It will then stop reminding you to stand up.

Standing cycle

When you are in a standing cycle the LED indicator will turn blue. One by one each of the 4 LED markers will turn blue and when all four turn blue you have completed your standing cycle and you can now sit down

Built-in charging station

GetUpp Assist has a built-in USB port, so you can charge your mobile phone while using GetUpp Assist.

For the home office

Easily click GetUpp Assist off and on to the docking station on your desktop. This makes it easy to take GetUpp Assist home to the home office, where all you need is an extra docking station.

The features of GetUpp Assist:

Overview of the colours in GetUpp Assist:

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