Create login with QR code

When you open the GetUpp app, you will see this screen:

Here you press: New user? Create an account…

On this page, scan your QR code. If that doesn’t work, you can type the activation key in the your activation key field.

Then press: Next…

Creating your profile.

Here you need to fill in all the fields with your information. You can read more about how we store your information HERE.

When you have filled in all the fields, press next.

Creating a password.

This is the code you need to log in to your account.

Once you have entered your password, press next.

Accepting terms of use.

You can read all the terms by clicking on: Terms of use.

If you accept, press: I accept…

You have now finished creating your account and have access to the app’s features and content.

To enter the app, tap: Let’s get started…

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