Setting up the Assist

Instructions Danish

Instructions English

Start setting up the Assist by pressing the three dashes in the left corner (User menu).

This will take you to the menu, and now you need to click on: activate the equipment.

On this screen, you will see all the devices that the application is able to connect.

Now click on the: button next to the Assist (top right corner).

The Assist is now activated, which can be seen as it is switched on. Now click on the image of the Assist.

The application asks to use your location data. This needs to be enabled to connect.

Now you are ready to set up the Assist. You must click on: Next… to proceed.

On this screen, select the Assist you want to connect to. The Assist will vibrate once selected.

Choose whether the Assist should be in Owner or Guest mode.

Now set your height-adjustable desk to the proper height, as shown in the picture on the screen.

You are done and the Assist is ready to use.

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